Making Up With Your Ex Without Begging

Once our ex dumps us, we can really start to miss them. It hurts so much we can end up doing crazy things. We can stalk them by phone, text, or in person. We can say I’m sorry til we’re blue in the face to no avail. And we can beg and plead for another chance. You can learn more about resolving relationship conflict here.

You hopefully suspect begging doesn’t work.

One issue with pleading piteously is that it doesn’t change their negative feelings about you. It may reinforce them. You need to understand the emotional logic that if your ex dumped you, their heart has more negative feelings for you now than positive ones.

Begging doesn’t do anything to change the negative feelings that have built up in their heart. And, it can make you seem pathetic and desperate not in a good way.

What you should do instead of begging is to have a plan that won’t make you look weak and pitiable. Your plan needs to have part that helps your ex to release and let go of the bad feelings they have about you or what you did that are keeping you apart.

There are several Immediate Reconnect Plans to follow depending on why you broke up. Each one has several steps you can take to actually help them to release the bad feelings they have about you so they can get back to love.

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A very good first step, if you wronged your mate, is to just admit or fess up to what you did that was wrong. Do not try to justify your poor behavior with lame excuses.

Just fess up like an adult.

Then give them a chance to vent. To get those bad feelings they have off their chest. Ask them how they are feeling about what happened, then shut up and listen. Letting them talk is what helps them to release their bad feelings.

There is a lot more to this strategy, but it will usually be a lot more powerful than begging and pleading with them to take you back. You can take a free course on how to get your ex back in hours. You can get a complete system about Get Your Ex Back In Hours here.

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