Meeting Your Online Friend In The Real World

Finding true love online is not as easy as typing some keywords into your favorite search engine. It’s actually more complicated than that. A lot of people who seem to be quite interesting online turn out to be quite different in real life. If you are one of those people who have turned to dating services to find your true love online, here are some things that you should remember to avoid many disappointments when you finally meet your friend in the real world.

Be Honest

It is easy to pretend that we are attractive, popular and rich when chatting with someone online. Besides, there are no rules that say you cannot pretend to be somebody else when using dating services. Since the other person has not really seen you personally and he or she does not really know who you really are, you can be who you want to be when chatting with him or her. Unfortunately, all those lies that you made online will soon catch up on you when you and your online friend decides to meet personally.

If you do not want to disappoint the other person, you should start telling that person about you before you actually meet face to face. Yes, it may not be easy for the other person to accept that you lied to him or her all along but coming out in the open before you meet can save you a lot of trouble. He or she will become disinterested in you anyway once he or she finally sees you in person. Better get things over with through the dating service than face the wrath of the other person face to face.

Take Precautions

Despite the fact that you have been chatting with someone through the dating service for quite some time and you feel that you know the other person well, you should still take precautions when meeting this person for the first time in the real world. Always remember that the environment of anonymity in the online dating service allow people to hide their true characters and you cannot really be sure if the person whom you have chatted with for a long time is actually who he or she tells you he or she is. When meeting your online friend for the first time, take a lot of precautions. Set a meeting in a public place, do not out alone with this person unless you are sure that he or she can be trusted and do not give your phone number or address unless you are sure that you want to see this person again.

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